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Friends at the Beach

menopause support

We can't control what's about to, is, or has happened to our bodies during the Menopause Transition (peri thru post), but we can control how we respond to our ever changing bodies. Through supporting our bodies through movement, nutrition and mindset, you can gain tools that will help you navigate this next phase of your life. 



One of the best things we can do as women is lift heavy things! We do it when we are making one trip into the house from the grocery store - and we can do it with dumbbells, kettlebells and other fitness equipment too!

Green Smoothies


What we ate as a 20-something, we may not be able to eat now. Our bodies response to food will change as we go through the Menopause Transition, so let's find what works for your individual body and add more of that!

Girl with Arms Stretched Out


This may be the toughest one of all... not only are our bodies changing but so is everything else around us - kids, parents, relationships and professions. How we view and value this phase of our lives is key to surviving it! 

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