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Meg Willis

Who's this #wellnesswingwoman?

My goal is to have you leaving feeling real good and more confident with each session. 



I am in the thick of life with you!

Between running a business, being the MUber (Mom-Uber), and all the things between... I know how challenging taking care of you can be, so let's keep it simple, ok?!

Add the Good. 

I don't know about you, but I really don't like being told "no."  So rather than restricting your intake and movement, I want to help you add one good healthy habit at a time.

My Goals for YOU!

I want you to feel good at end of every session...

feeling better than when you started!

We will work start with the fundamentals for both personal training and habit coaching, both supported by education - so you know the why!


Keep it Simple.

Life is busy enough... no need for complicated diets or workouts.

Simple, but not always easy, which is where this #wellnesswingwoman comes in. I'll be cheering you on, educating and supporting you 100% of the way! 

About Meg.

As a mother, daughter, friend, and coach... I know the stresses women put on themselves to be everything to everyone.  I’m in the thick of life stresses with you, so I know and understand that sometimes it's just really challenging to figure out the right self-care.  Unfortunately, the person we tend to neglect the most is ourselves. 

I’ve been a part of a team almost my entire life, from recreational sports growing up to becoming a collegiate level All -American lacrosse goalie.  As a Certified Personal Trainer with NASM and Level 1 Coach with Precision Nutrition, I understand what the body needs to feel strong, nourished, hydrated and kept running, even on our busiest of days!


I have learned so much about people through the different teams I have been on and jobs I have held. The one thing that has stayed strong though all of it is that I LOVE working with people and I LOVE helping others. 

All of that lead me here…. Good + Simple Wellness.  A place where I can be your wingwoman, your teammate, your teacher and coach.  


I am a trusted resource for all things wellness from the inside out!

Let’s chat about your goals, and build a plan together to get you feeling your best... taking care of YOU in whatever capacity you are at in this very moment. 


I got you!  Let's do this together!

Education, Certifications + Athletic Accomplishments


Cape Cod Academy


Assumption College

BA English

I may have graduated with 11 students, but this is where my love of being a team player started!

Keeping up with the family tradition, I happily decided on Assumption when the lacrosse coach said "welcome to the team!"​  I also did some studying while I was there, don't worry!

Athletic Accomplishments while at Assumption

All American Lacrosse Goalie and Goalkeeper of the Year  (NCAA DII, Assumption College), 2002

Lacrosse Team Captain 2001 + 2002

Inducted into Assumption College Hall of Fame 2009


Certified Women's Coaching Specialist (GGS-1)

Certified Menopause Coaching Specialist (GGS)

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach (PN1) 

Habit Coach Pro Certified Coach

NASM Certified Personal Trainer (NASM CPT) 

NASM Behavior Change Specialist (NASM BCS)

Art of Strength Kettlebell Certified 2009

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