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take a pause and start living...

Hi!  I'm Meg, your local #wellnesswingwoman on Cape Cod and the South Shore. My stress-free and flexible approach can be adjusted to your individual needs. Let me help you take the time to feel empowered and get self care back into balance. 


As your coach, I will be with you on your journey, providing education and accountability that supports your individual wellness goals. 

How can I help support your health + wellness goals? If you're looking to start your journey to a healthier lifestyle, let's chat!

Whole Health Coaching

Slowly build up your wellness habit tool box over time... making "good" progress (not perfection!) and keeping it "simple" all along the way.

What we put IN our bodies is super important... Offering an opportunity to get clean Organic Hemp products into your wellness routine.

You will have your coach by your side keeping you accountable and creating healthy habits, in all areas of your life.

"When I think of Meg, first thing that comes to mind is "She get's it. She is one of us!". Meg will be your mentor, provide you with an empathetic ear, but won't let you forget your goals. She will help you to get the systems in place that will work for you, keep you accountable to yourself, and provide the support you need to help you be your best self.  I highly recommend checking out what G+S Wellness has to offer. Trust me... You'll be glad you did!"
- C.

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