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Movement, Lifestyle & Habit Coaching
for Women.

Adding more good while keeping it simple.  
We are so busy taking care of everyone else, but who's taking care of YOU? 

Personal Training

Virtual or In Home opportunities.


When habits are convenient, they become doable, so let's find what works for you!

Clients are coached by adding safe, functional movements in order to feel better, feel stronger and have less aches and pains. 

Individual plan will include good + simple movement that will always keep clients moving towards her personal goals. 

Woman Preparing Food

Lifestyle & Habit Coaching

​Focusing on all areas of life, from nutrition to mindset, we will assign a daily action through our accountability app that will allow seamless communication and support between client and her coach.


I love that my custom plan  can be modified easily to adjust to my needs at the time and the nutrition part doesn’t feel like a diet.


I’m also a Green Compass Global customer. I have tried the CBD oil for sleep  and I am now sleeping through the night and wake up refreshed and without aches! Not bad for age 69….


Thanks, Meg, for all you have done for me. 


When I think of Meg, first thing that comes to mind is "She get's it. She is one of us!". 
Meg will be your mentor, provide you with an empathetic ear, but won't let you forget your goals. She will help you to get the systems in place that will work for you, keep you accountable to yourself, and provide the support you need to help you be your best self.


I have worked with Meg to improve my well being for several years now. I find her to be extremely knowledgeable, creative and patient. She lifts me up, pushes me when needed and provides encouragement while doing so. I am grateful to her for what she has given to me.


Working with Meg is truly like having your own cheerleader encouraging you each day, always checking in, and reminding you to "add the good"

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Harwich Port, MA 02646


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