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good + simple wellness


Oh hey, hey! 

I'm Meg, your local #wellnesswingwoman on Cape Cod, the South Shore and beyond thanks to the amazing world of Virtual Coaching. 


Welcome to my updated site launched June 1, 2023.  For the first (and past) two years of Good + Simple Wellness,  I have been building the habit + lifestyle coaching program, supported by partnering with Green Compass Global Hemp Wellness. 


Now offering Women Specific Personal Training starting June 1, 2023!!  

 (I can hear you all cheering from here! :) 

I am proud to offer WHOLE HEALTH COACHING - supporting your mind and body while keeping it good + simple.  We will add the good (nutrition, habits, mindset and movement) but never seek perfection.  We will keep it simple, but never too easy! 


Dig more into this new and updated site for more information regarding my three services offered, how to connect with me and how to add more good!

xo - meg willis

Barbell and Kettlebell Weights

Personal Training

Keeping you moving with simple and safe functional movements.  All plans are customized to fit your individual needs and meet you where you are at physically.  The goal for all personal training clients is confidence, strength and consistency.


Sessions are Virtual, In-Person or a combo of both based on the client's request. 

Woman Texting

Habit + Lifesytle Coaching

Whole Health includes your lifestyle, your mindset, your schedule, your products, your routines, your community, your friends and family. It is all part of the big picture when it comes to your long term health goals.

When we are in the thick of life, it can be a challenge to see where changes can be made and how GOOD can be added. We start with one habit at a time using a tested system to help creating lasting change. 

organic hemp.jpeg

Hemp Wellness

CBD is everywhere - but it's also completely unregulated.  Green Compass Global provides a completely transparent, 100% USDA Certified Organic, and totally safe product that has helped so many clients with sleep issues, stress support, and pain relief to name a few.


Working with me gives you the personal support and coaching while integrating CBD into

your health routine.

what clients say ...

When I think of Meg, first thing that comes to mind is "She get's it. She is one of us!".
Meg will be your mentor, provide you with an empathetic ear, but won't let you forget your goals. She will help you to get the systems in place that will work for you, keep you accountable to yourself, and provide the support you need to help you be your best self."  - C.E.

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