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Complete Wellness

At the Dinner Table


How we fuel our bodies effects our whole selves - mind, body and soul.  Starting with where you are, we will slowly build up your wellness tool box and daily actions, leading to "good" progress (not perfection!) and keeping it "simple" all along the way. Nutrition is part of your story, but it's not all of it!


Let's toss out the "diet" mentality and create a sustainable healthy way of eating. 



Whole Health includes your lifestyle... your mindset, your schedule, your products, your routines... your community... your friends and family... the big picture for the long health game!

When we are in the thick of life, it can be a challenge to see where changes can be made... where GOOD can be added. As part of our coaching, you get an outsider's perspective on how to add more good to your lifestyle to support your long game. 



CBD is everywhere!!

Not all CBD is created equally. I have partnered with Green Compass Global, as their transparency, farming practices and family orientated business all align beautifully with Good + Simple's outlook on wellness support. 

Supporting our Endocannabinoid System only makes sense when you are working on your whole health. Adding a hemp wellness routine to your daily routine has show promising support to everything from sleep, to pain, to mood...

I am proud to be able to offer my clients the chance to add quality, organic hemp to their wellness routine. 

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