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As a trusted resource for all things wellness... I wanted to share some of my favorite wellness links for you and your family - including Fido! 

Arena Body Bands

Cloth Resistance Bands with no slip grip = no more rolling up over these strong legs!


When keeping workouts simple and effective, we can create a whole body plan with just these tools. They are also super comfortable on the hands.

Shop here !!


Personalized Protein Powder with flavor boosts. I feel great on Gainful and love having this organic protein powder to help me add more protein to my busy days. 

Shop here !! 

Dr. Harvey's

Holistic Wellness for Dogs and Cats.  What we put in our bodies - including our pets - matters!  When we changed Molly's (our 9 year old black lab) diet, she reversed her age by at least 5 years!  She loves the food and has so much more vibrancy.

Shop here !!


I love Beautycounter because they take all the guesswork out of ingredient safety.  Beautycounter has a NeverList of over 2800 harmful or potentially harmful ingredients that are never used in their products.  


Safer Beauty + High Performing Products = win win!


Shop here !!


Don't knock the light weights until you've done a bunch of reps with them! These weights are comfortable, functional and their marketing is hysterical.  I love the versatility of the Bala Ring!


Shop here !!

Local Wellness Business'

I would love to highlight your business here!  Shoot me an email if you would like to be featured!

I love collaborating with all things wellness, especially on Cape Cod, where local businesses are unique  and amazing!

Email me here to chat! 

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