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green compass global

Hemp Wellness

CBD is everywhere!!

Not all CBD is created equally. I have partnered with Green Compass Global, as their transparency, farming practices and family orientated business all align beautifully with Good + Simple's mindset on wellness support. 

Supporting our Endocannabinoid System only makes sense when you are working on your whole health. Adding a hemp wellness routine to your daily routine has shown promising results from everything from sleep, to pain, to mood.

I am proud to be able to offer my clients the chance to add quality, organic hemp to their wellness routine. 

Why Green Compass Global


USDA Certified Organic


Vertically Integrated


Family Owned

GC grows USDA organic certified hemp. Our farms have been organic since the 1970s.


Why does this matter? Hemp is a scavenger plant which absorbs everything out of its soil.  So if you are using Hemp without knowing its farming practices, you could be ingesting harmful toxins along with your CBD that could be very harmful and counter intuitive to your wellness goals. 

Green Compass is the ONLY vertically integrated, directly sold, USDA organic certified hemp-derived CBD company on the market.


We are in control of the entire process. We plant it, grow it, harvest it, extract it, bottle it, package it, and ship it. Straight from our farmers to your front door.  How's that for quality control!

Started by a mothers love for her child and wanting a safe, organic plant based medicine alternative, Green Compass Global is made from six generations of North Carolina farmers.  


Our farmers were chosen to be part of the NC Hemp Pilot Program and most recently are on the Board of the US Hemp Roundtable, working with Congress to help create regulations around the currently unregulated CBD market,


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